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Set-up Feed

Feed Specification

We aggregate listings from thousands of websites and make them available for users to search in our portals. By feeding us, you allow us to index your content faster and always updated.

We accept all feed formats and APIs, but recommend using our own feed specifications:




<ad__headline><![CDATA[Flat for sale in Leytonstone]]></ad__headline>       

<ad__description><![CDATA[3 bedroom flat for sale in Leytonstone. The flat has a bright and spacious lounge, modern kitchen and private terrace.]]></ad__description>;       


















<maincategory_original><![CDATA[For sale]]></maincategory_original>       




<location__zip_postal_code><![CDATA[E11 4EL]]></location__zip_postal_code>       




<ad__headline><![CDATA[Beautiful apartment for rent in Glasgow]]></ad__headline>       





Download our list of all the fields that we support, the data type used for parsing each of them, and a short description. 
View PDF List  |  View Google Sheet List


File Format and Providers

The feed must be accessible from a URL. We support both HTTP (without authentication), HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, Token Authentification, OAuth 1.0, OAuth 2.0, Publickeys etc.

FTP credentials should be included on the feed url (i.e. We can also provide you with an account on our own FTP.

For bigger volume files we support feeds compressed using gzip, which reduces the size of the feed dramatically.

We also support integration of different content APIs.


Currently we support multiple files format such as XML, CSV, JSON, etc. and encodings UTF-8, UTF-16, ISO 8859-1 etc. Don't hesitate in contacting us in case your file has a different format, our technical department can assist you with these matters.



It's required that your feed has enough fields that help our team map the listings to the correct category.



  • If your listings fall into the category "Motoring", there need to be a clear distinction between Cars, Motorcycles and Parts/Accessories.

  • If your listings fall into the category "Property", there need to be a clear distinction between Flats/Houses for Sale, Flats/Houses for Rent, Commercial Property, Land/Plot, etc.

Additional Information

  • It may take up to 1 week to review and integrate your feed.

  • After that, your feed will be checked once per day for new listings. We can check it more often upon request, please mention it in the contact form if you're interested.

  • Your feed must have categorisation.

  • Please provide the proper character encoding for your feed in the XML header, or your listings may appear with weird characters.

  • Only use valid XML characters on your file. Reference:

  • We recommend using CDATA sections to avoid issues processing your XML feed.

  • The listings provided in your XML feed, must be unique and from your website. You may not include listings from other websites.

  • Do not include default values, for example: default values such as $1 when the price is non-existent. We reserve the right to pause your feed integration until the problem is fixed.

  • Your XML feed should only contain listings located in the given country for which you submit the feed.

  • The provided URLs must be permanent links directly to the listing. You must NOT require the user to log in to view the listing.

  • We require the full set of listings to be included in each feed update (NOT jobs added since the last feed request). This allows us to expire those listings we have previously seen, but which are now absent from the feed. Listings not included in your feed will be removed from our search results after we process the feed.

  • RSS Feeds are not accepted, only under special circumstances (i.e. if you can ensure the feed contains enough metadata and the feed contains the whole inventory).

  • Expired listings should not be included in the feed, as it will affect the user experience.

  • Avoid restricting access based on IP address, use FTP if you want to keep your feed private.

  • If IP restriction is a must, please indicate it in the contact from/email? and whitelist the following IP:

  • Not all listings are guaranteed to show on our portal (we block different ads that may contain censored words).

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