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Feed FAQs

What is a feed?

With a feed we mean a file containing all the ads from your portal. We call it a feed since you “feed” us with the information typically updating the file every day in order for us to display the ads on our web site and direct interested users to your portal.

What is a feed specification?

This is a description of the format of the file with your ads. We need to agree upon the format  in order for Rubrikk to categorise and display the ads correctly.


How often should we update the feed file?

Rubrikk can look for a new version of your file at flexible intervals but most portals update their file once a day. You should update your feed file at regular intervals when you have new ads, you know that ads have been deleted or you know that there has been significant changes like for instance many advertisers have dropped their price. 


What is an XML file format?

XML is one of the most common file formats for exchanging structured data between computers. XML in itself is very generic so a more specific specification is needed such as the Rubrikk format described in our Set-up Feed section. More on XML file format


What is ftp?

File Transfer Protocol is a method to transfer files between computers. If your system administrator cannot make the feed file available with ordinary http. Rubrikk can access the file with ftp as well.


What is the difference between xml file and index file?

The index file described in our documentation is just another XML file which only contains a list of the XML files with your ads. It is convenient if your feed is split into multiple files.  


What are IP restrictions?

Your system administrator might want to limit who can access your feeds by allowing only computers with certain IP addresses. If this is mandatory within your organisation it is necessary to allow the IP addresses of Rubrikk in order for us to download your ads. 

Which IP do we use when we download your ads?

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