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Aggregating classifieds ads since 2007

Rubrikk Group is a fast growing technology company operating in 12 countries and headquartered in Oslo, Norway.


We aggregate ads in the marketplace for transparency, enriching them with information, radically enhancing millions of people's ability to make better decisions.

More Traffic

If you have a classified portal, send us a feed of your listings and we will drive visitors straight to your website.

Higher Quality

We match users search behaviour with your content, ensuring that the users reaching your portal are highly qualified.

Better Support

We offer our clients the absolute best; with reports, planning, and direct contact with your Account Manager. 

How it Works

How it Works
User Journey

1. User starts searching 


2. Your ads in the first result pages


3. User is redirected to your portal


4. New potential clients for your customers


User Journey


Submit your feed and
get immediate results

Your feed is processed regularly, allowing us to always deliver updated content.

Submit Feed

As a direct result of analyzing millions of ads daily,
users can make more conscious choices deciding
on their next place to live or new car to drive.


Create, Develop, and Succeed with the Rubrikk Team.

See what career opportunities are available with us.

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