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    Exponential growth in Users, Countries, Employees and Complexity

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    Everything you work on is important as there is a high degree of interdependence a cross the company.

    Scaling and developing

    The best tools are available to you

    We (only) work with the newest tech and building everything for scale.

    Quality comes first - scaling this to work seamlessly a cross deployments, countries, cultures and languages.

    You will have the means needed to succeed, develop and create.

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    You enjoy working in an environment where you are challenged, expected to develop and always be ready for the next level.

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  • Dedicated people

    We are a team of engineers and professionals dedicated to providing a world class solution. We are focused on what we are working on, all employees share the same goals, and we continuously see (and measure) how our efforts translate into more and happier users. We are rapidly expanding both in users and staff, which provides us with a unique opportunity to grow ourselves as we grow the company - there are always new areas to discover and develop. We have a lot of plans for the future, bringing our existing users more relevant content, additional insight, and launching in more countries, solving one technical challenge at a time. One of our main non-technical challenges is finding talented people to join our staff - working at Rubrikk is an honor badge.


    The modern web front end is run by a web team that pushes features as fast as it can deliver them.

    We have an internal system tools team, which automates all the tedious processes possible.

    A lot of trust is put into our big data team, utilizing data from a myriad of sources to find which pages are the most relevant for users. The related machine learning team uses even more data, to provide decisions about individual listings which help us provide the besta data for users, and gives them additional information.

    Our backend team owns the critical infrastructure which collects, parses and searches listings, while having to provide massive scaling to do this for hundreds of millions of listings in real time.

    Our quality team does QA, constantly tweak banner ads for maximum performance, owns all language related tasks, provides critical input on business logic, and monitors relevant parts of the web for us.

    Together we deliver a service we are proud of.


    Some key technologies for us are C#, Azure, MVC, SQL, Solr, .NET, Git, HTML5, AppVeyor, Chef, Visual Studio, Selenium, Google Cloud, Weka, OWIN, Upsource. And some developers are using other tools when it suits them better.

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    You’ll be working in the QA team where the main job responsibility is to maintain the content quality of our websites. The tasks in content QA team includes:

    • Map external data to our internal system

    • Schedule quality checklist

    • Maintain language-specific keyword lists


    The job is located in Cluj-Napoca.

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